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Darby Harris from Alan and Gale Rome, New Hampshire wrote on April 5, 2019 at 2:07 pm:
Alan Rome: It was lovely! We had a great and peaceful time. I, before breakfast, jogged the beach every morning, when I was not kayaking! I honor your family, more senior generation, who had the vision to have built such a great home. It works so well. Upstairs room on to the deck with great views, lovely dining on both sides of the house. Just a lovely setting. Good for you and your family! Tessa was great, such a sweety! You are lucky to have her.

Gale Rome: Hi Darby--- I will echo Alan’s sentiments. We had a very relaxing and marvelous time and praise your family for having the vision to construct such a beautiful home -----so perfect for the setting. You must have had very gifted architects both for the house and the landscaping. We were concerned about the car and getting around the island, but it proved to not be a concern. The Ford worked out perfectly for the 6 of us. Sometimes one of us rode in the way back on a cushion; sometimes I sat on Alan’s lap. It was just fine. I know the other 2 couples enjoyed themselves as well. We would love to come back and may check out your openings for next year. Our kids and 3 grandkids would LOVE Point O View. If you have a mailing list, please keep us on it. And please let your family know how much we appreciated the vision to create such a gorgeous home.