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Winding Bay, EleutheraPlanning: The Tides

Pay attention to the Tides. Before your trip,go to http://tbone.biol.sc.edu/tide/ and locate “Eleuthera, East coast” to view the tide clock during your stay. You will be able to print tidal forecasts, sunrise times, sunset times and other useful information. Winding Bay at low tide is absolutely perfect for long walks, shelling and sand castle making. Lighthouse Beach (see “Exploring”) is great at low tide. Ten Bay is great for late afternoons and sunsets. There is also a tide clock at the house that should help provide tidal information.


Deep-sea fishing, EleutheraThere is great fishing in the waters around Eleuthera and off Winding Bay. If you go deep sea fishing, gear will be provided. Otherwise I suggest bringing your own gear. If you want to do traditional half or full-day deep sea fishing contact Irving Gibson (334 0011). He will take you out of Davis Harbor or Cape Eleuthera, is a fine Captain and lots of fun. Our housekeeper, Tessa, comes from a family of local fishermen. She can help organize bait and local knowledge. She can also organize one of the local guys to come to the house with their boat and take you out for fishing as well as snorkeling. Bonefishermen come to the lagoon between Winding Bay and Half Sound regularly. If you bonefish Tessa can point you to different sites or to people who can guide.

Fresh Grouper, Conch and Snapper at the Pier

Lobster - Tarpum BayOn good weather days the fisherman go out from the pier at Tarpum Bay returning with their catch between 2pm and 3pm. You can go to the pier and buy your fresh grouper, snapper, conch or crawfish directly from them. Also, both Tessa’s boyfriend and her brother are fisherman and she can arrange the purchase of fish from them for you. Going to the pier is an experience of traditional local culture that is unchanged over many, many years. Ask Tessa for cooking tips.

Kayaking and Biking

Kayaks - Point o' Vue, EleutheraWe have several kayaks for your use. Enjoy them! We ask that you keep them in Winding Bay and not try to transport them to other places on the island. When you are finished, drag them up high on the beach so the tides don’t carry them away. On your departure please bring the paddles up to the house and leave them on the Bayside veranda.

There are two bikes for your use and enjoyment. Keep them on the back veranda and please rinse them prior to departure.


Kotcina Knowles operates the “Sugar Spun Eleuthera” which is located on Lord St. next to the old Ponderosa in Tarpum Bay. She offers a variety of services and is very good, having spent 15 years in Nassau at various spas and hotels. She will also come to the house for an additional $30. My wife Lynnie is now hooked on her coming out and having a massage on the veranda facing the Bay with a light breeze and soft music. Heaven. A Swedish massage for 60 minutes is $75. The phone number for “Sugar Spun Eleuthera” is 242-436-0949. You may also email Kotcina at sugarspuneleuthera@gmail.com.

The Lighthouse Center (www.tlceleuthera), run by owner and practioner Kalin Griffen is a wellness center that offers yoga, massages, reflexology, salt scrubs, reiki, sea weed wraps, couples massages and more. Located in Governor’s Harbour, one of these sessions would be perfect before a dinner up at Tippy’s, 1648 or even a coffee or tea at Da Perk. A slice of Heaven!

Horseback Riding

Conveniently located on Banks Road between Governor’s Harbour and Palmetto Point is Oceanview Farm (the only trail riding facility on Eleuthera) that offers trail rides through indigenous vegetation, on lake trails and out onto the beach and the glorious color. The stables are well maintained, as are the horses. Call them in advance (242-332-3671 or 242-357-4258). The web site is www.oceanview242.com.

Sunbathing on Winding Bay

Beach - Point 'o Vue

Another tough day at the beach…

On great beach weather days enjoying Winding Bay and the property is a joy. You can snorkel, swim and sunbathe right on the beach, walk for miles on a beach with pink sand, sun with a good book or enjoy the view of the Bay from the Cabana. Sunning on the back veranda is relaxing, particularly in late afternoons as the sun begins to set. A truly unique feature of Point o’ Vue is the sun/moon deck which affords amazing views and is great for sunning as well as gazing at the bright night skies.

Snorkelling and Scuba Diving on Eleuthera

Underwater in EleutheraOcean Fox Cotton Bay is a small, professional scuba diving and water sports center based at Davis Harbour Marina on the south end of Eleuthera. You can set up snorkelling, diving and fishing trips. Knowledgeable experts will explain fishing techniques, and experienced divers will assist with all diving experiences and handle all equipment. Please note this is an all cash business, as are most businesses on Eleuthera.

Alternatively, you can ask Tessa if she can line up one of the local guys to bring over a boat and take you out of the reef for snorkelling or a cruise around the bay.

Guided Outings

You can contact Donald or Kristel at Eleuthera Adventures. They will take you on a fun boat cruise including lunch out of Cape Eleuthera. Our favorite is the trip to Schooner Cays. The number for Eleuthera Adventures is 242-334-2356. Their website can also be found [Here].