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Services On The Island

Car Rentals

Governor's Harbour and Cupid's Cay from the airExploring is part of the experience and having a car is essential. Call or email Columbus at least two weeks prior to your arrival to arrange for a car. He has three cars that he can make available to you from $60-$100 per day. Rates are high due to the high tax (80%) that the government levies as new duty on cars being brought into the country. Columbus can also try to locate another type of car for you or you can search the internet for an alternative vendor on the island. Please note – you are in the out islands and will most likely have an older car. Columbus will meet you at the airport and direct you to the house. For guests traveling in and out of Governor’s Harbour airport, Columbus charges a pick up/drop fee; there is no charge for pick up/drop off at the Rock Sound Airport.

We also recommend the following vendors for car rentals:

Naaman Rolle (GHB and North car rental, has SUVs, larger cars): 242-359-7166
Stanton Cooper: 242-359-7007
Arthur Nixon (for taxi and all points north of Governor’s Harbour): 242-359-7879

For gas refills, Kinky’s gas station, located very close to the house, takes cash only. If you stop to get gas at Kinky’s be sure to say hello. Kinky is another great source of local knowledge!

Grocery Shopping

The primary spot for groceries, hardware and liquor is “The Market” in Rock Sound. The Market has the broadest selection of goods for your needs on the island. Please note that it is closed on Sundays. There are also two small shops in Tarpum Bay, “Berts for the Best” and “Carey’s” near the Shell station north of Tarpum Bay. “Berts for the Best” is closest to the house, well stocked and open on Sundays from 8-10am. All other Tarpum Bay shops are closed on Sundays, so please plan accordingly.

There are also fine cheeses, crackers, pastries and specialty coffees at the Banks Rd. Deli (see restaurant section below). On buying wine: There is a small selection of wines at the Stirrup’s Liquor Store in Rock Sound next to the Market and at Rock Sound Liquor Store just south of the Market plaza. The best selection of wine on Eleuthera is at Bristol’s on Cupids Cay in Governor’s Harbour and worth the trip early in your visit.

If you enjoy red meat we recommend you bring your own meat in a cooler bag. The Market does stock a variety of frozen pork, beef, lamb and chicken, but generally doesn’t stock the more expensive cuts. If you are particular about your brand of coffee or tea, we recommend you bring your own, or special spices for cooking or anything else should you have special dietary restrictions. However, the Market seems to have an-ever-expanding selection, including some gourmet items, so many of our visitors have given up bring food from home!


You can bank at ScotiaBank or Bank of the Bahamas in Rock Sound or CIBC First Caribbean or RBC Royal Bank of Canada in Governor’s Harbour. Bring US cash and traveller’s checks. Canadian currency is not accepted. Personal checks are usually not accepted. Note, very few restaurants take Visa, Mastercard or American Express. When budgeting for your trip, keep in mind that basic items at the grocery store are more expensive than in the US due to shipping to the island. The Market in Rock Sound does take credit cards.

Medical Assistance

Medical assistance is available 24 hours a day at the clinic in Rock Sound, a 15 minute drive from the house. Dr. Smith is on call as are several nurses in the event of an emergency. Call 334-2226 or 334-2115. You may also contact Dr. Reynaldo Guina based out of Rock Sound at 242-334-2474. Columbus or Tessa can also assist in these situations. Please note that there are no hospitals on Eleuthera.