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Point o’ Vue Staff

Delphine (“Del”) Carey

Del knows everything about the island and can help you with just about anything.  She is a long time friend and also runs Berts for the Best, one of the markets in nearby Tarpum Bay. A great source of local information, Del might stop by to say hello to see if you have any questions or need information. Del and her husband Columbus live in the white house with green trim just south of the Tarpum Bay shopping center across from Kinky’s Shell station. Del has our gardener come out on a regular basis to clean the beach and landscape (he typically comes around 7:30 a.m.).

Tessa Hunt

Our wonderful housekeeper Tessa

Tessa Hunt

Tessa Hunt is our wonderful housekeeper, and another fantastic source of local knowledge and recommendations. She can pick up groceries for you prior to your arrival, which we recommend, particularly if you are arriving late Saturday or on a Sunday, as grocery stores are closed on Sundays. Tessa will meet you at the house on arrival, be there the morning of your departure and works four hours per day on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays*. Tips are appreciated at the end of your stay.

Tessa is happy to make dinner for you at your request. She can cook a true bahamian dinner that is delicious, fun and wonderfully caloric! Dinner can be prepared beforehand and delivered, or Tess will cook and serve dinner at the house for you – it’s up to you. Give her as much notice on your dinner requests as you can.

** The cost of Tessa’s services on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday is included in rental fees. Additional hours can be arranged directly with Tessa.