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About Winding Bay, Eleuthera

Winding Bay, Eleuthera“From the picturesque view to the beautiful beaches, each vacation day was magnificent!” – Celeste Band – Columbus Ohio

Overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, Winding Bay is a 2.5 mile stretch of beach at the south central point of Eleuthera Island. Winding Bay is protected by Joseph’s Cay, which guests will see from the veranda stretching far to the right (southeast). Winding Bay is perfect for beach strolls, shelling, snorkeling and diving. A small reef resides inside the bay where you will see a variety of fish, the occasional manta ray and if you’re lucky, sea turtles. Large starfish can often be found in the shallows of the bay towards the south end.

Beach chairs - Winding BayOn the beach in front of the house, there is a cabana for you to enjoy, with a table for picnics or afternoon drinks. If you would like more protection from the Atlantic breezes, you can walk or drive around the bay to “Richard’s Beach” for a picnic. Richard’s Beach is across the bay from the house when looking to the northeast from the veranda.

Visitors can also walk past Joseph’s Cay and explore the beaches that lead to the entrance to Half Sound. Our family has enjoyed picnics, kayaking, water skiing and shelling in this incredibly beautiful body of water. Visitors can get to Half Sound beach via boat or beach road.