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Rock Sound

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Rock Sound is 12.5 minutes by car from Point o’ Vue. It is one of three airports on Eleuthera. The others are Governor’s Harbour (GHB) and North Eleuthera (ELH). GHB is 40 minutes north from POV and ELH is 1.5 hrs. Most people don’t understand that Eleuthera is 110 miles long.

In the 50’s and 60’s when the Rock Sound Club, Cotton Bay Club and Winding Bay Clubs were flourishing there was direct Pan Am service into RSD from New York! Lynnie (my wife) made this trip several times. Well as the Clubs faded so did the air service. The small terminal was rebuilt in the early 80’s to accommodate 767 service from Milan when the old Winding Bay Club reopened as the Club Venta, catering to all-inclusive Italians (this venture failed, more later).

Today, RSD is a cool little out-island with a runway that can accommodate huge jets. None fly in now except on the occasional charter. There is great service in from Nassau (Nas) with 9 flights daily. Some of our guests use GHB, which is fine. Service there is a little better from the States. There is great service into ELH but it’s a hike and expensive to taxi down the island.

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