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Right Outside Our Front Door

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Winding Bay is 2 miles around from Joseph Cay on the south to Crossing Bluff on the north. Twelve homes are on the Bay, which is shared with old ruins of the Winding Bay Club, also formerly the Club Venta. North of Venta and to the north is about a mile of beautiful sand beach with the scrub and pines so common to the Bahamas. Richard’s Beach is directly across the Bay from our house. It is a great spot to go when the weather is from the north. It’s protected there. You can drive there if you want.

Richard’s Beach is named after Richard (no last name) who was a fisherman who kept his boat over there. We knew Richard a little early on but he passed away suddenly in the late 70′s.

There is one reef inside the Bay, which is great for snorkeling and diving. Around Joseph Cay you can walk the natural beach south to the opening to Half Sound, a huge gorgeous remote body of water just south of Winding Bay. The Cut connecting the two bodies of water is now closed with sand. However, we can keep our boat in the lagoon and boat out through the old Cut into Half Sound. Or you can boat around from Winding Bay into the Ocean and navigate the reefs around to the opening of Half Sound and sprint in. The latter course is recommended only to experienced boaters. Winding Bay and Half Sound both have great histories. More on that later…

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