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Trisha MacGill wrote on August 26, 2022 at 6:00 pm
We wish we had more time! We thought 10 days would be enough but we had many days when we just wanted to enjoy the house and its beach. The island has so much more to explore!
Our family of 5 (parents plus 22 yr old, 19 yr old and 15 yr old kids) had an incredible time. Point O'Vue has everything you need and more! The house itself, the beach, the games, the kitchen, the large bedrooms, all gave us time to just be together and enjoy each others' company. The few power outages and wifi interruptions gave us time to play many games. Loved having the kayaks and SUPs. Definitely check out the entire bay and past the point on the south either by walking or on the water. First few days not a soul was seen on any part of the bay, then towards our last few days we met some other families renting neighboring houses. All were repeat vacationers to Winding Bay! Tessa was an incredible part of our stay as she came frequently to clean and we enjoyed having her presence around us. She was available to answer any questions and make suggestions for anything you'd need if she can't provide it. She put me in touch with Davette, a local Tarpum Bay baker, who made us the most delicious pineapple upside down cake. Mel's Snack Shack in James Cistern sold us their last coconut cream pie at the end of the day
We went out to dinner half the time, loved Tippy's ambience and food, Frigates was cool (good food!) with that outdoor space but when we were there on a random weekday night after a day of rain only two other indoor tables were taken. Fishbone in Savannah Sound was a funky place to eat. Friday Night Fish Fry by Cupid Cay was a great experience. We arrived around 6pm, swam in the water there while food was being cooked and grabbed a picnic table. The crowd kept growing so we were glad we had gotten a table across the street right away. Every night and everywhere we went there were flies swarming the food so either eat inside in June or deal with it. We drove to Queen's Bath (definitely go and wear sturdy water shoes) and Glass Window Bridge (climbed to the top of the cliff but stayed away from the edge!), stopping at Daddy Joe's for lunch. Across the street is Gaulding Cay Beach which was beautiful and like most beaches, empty. Definitely visit the Island Made Gift Shop for souvenirs. We picked up produce at Island Farms which had a small but adequate selection of everything you'd need to make a good meal. Halls market in Rock Sound is the place to shop! It was Sunday and we knew we had to get to a market early before they closed. Halls is advertised as being open on Sundays till 10am, but it wasn't. Mr. Hall himself was out back and opened up the store for us, even gave us some homemade pineapple upside down cake and blueberry muffins. If you see him, tell him his Sunday customers from New Jersey send their best. Mr. Henry Allen, proprietor of Kinky's gas station, is a treasure, a trusting, hard-working gentleman. We loved meeting him. Our last dinner was at 1648, at the French Leave Resort, a stunningly beautiful setting. One night we ate at Neeks in Tarpum Bay and were the only people there. Food was good, kids say the best wings they had on the island and a really delicious milkshake. We chartered a boat and left from Gene's Bay Dock up in North Eleuthera. Swimming with and feeding the sea turtles was incredible! We saw a pod of small dolphins up close and they entertained us with their flips and spins. We visited with some incredible, orange starfish! Our captain took us wherever we wanted to go, so we went to a huge sandbar and the swings out in the middle of the Atlantic. The skies opened with rain and a stingray circled us so it was more exciting than expected! Our captain also called ahead and made reservations for us at Sand Bar on Russell Island/Spanish Wells. This was probably my favorite place because we hopped off the boat and through the water to reach it, had really good drinks and food.
Amy Clements from Marietta, Georgia wrote on June 8, 2019 at 9:48 pm
We just returned home last night and had an amazing time. The Eleuthrans are such amazing people. We loved Tarpum Bay and Rock Sound as well. The house is dated and needed some TLC, but we had so much fun we hardly noticed. Planning to return there next summer!

Note: Winding Bay, where the house is located, is indescribable. However, there is an enormous amount of litter on the beach that had washed up. It was just sad. But clearly, it won't keep us away.
Darby Harris from Alan and Gale Rome, New Hampshire wrote on April 5, 2019 at 2:07 pm
Alan Rome: It was lovely! We had a great and peaceful time. I, before breakfast, jogged the beach every morning, when I was not kayaking! I honor your family, more senior generation, who had the vision to have built such a great home. It works so well. Upstairs room on to the deck with great views, lovely dining on both sides of the house. Just a lovely setting. Good for you and your family! Tessa was great, such a sweety! You are lucky to have her.

Gale Rome: Hi Darby--- I will echo Alan’s sentiments. We had a very relaxing and marvelous time and praise your family for having the vision to construct such a beautiful home -----so perfect for the setting. You must have had very gifted architects both for the house and the landscaping. We were concerned about the car and getting around the island, but it proved to not be a concern. The Ford worked out perfectly for the 6 of us. Sometimes one of us rode in the way back on a cushion; sometimes I sat on Alan’s lap. It was just fine. I know the other 2 couples enjoyed themselves as well. We would love to come back and may check out your openings for next year. Our kids and 3 grandkids would LOVE Point O View. If you have a mailing list, please keep us on it. And please let your family know how much we appreciated the vision to create such a gorgeous home.
Cindy LaPradd from Homestead wrote on August 23, 2018 at 12:52 am
Hello, we are the LaPradd's from Homestead, Florida. We had the privilege of recently staying at your beautiful home on Eluethera Island. What an amazing home you have. We truly enjoyed it. The beach was fabulous. We hadn't been to Eluethera in about 19 years. Just as beautiful now than it was back then. Everything we needed was there. Tessa was so awesome and accommodating to all of our needs. Columbus made sure the property looked amazing. The kids had a blast using the kayaks and paddle boards. Being there was the best birthday gift ever. Tessa and my husband arranged for my birthday to be extra special. I cannot wait to go back. I have already recommended Pointe O Vue to a few of our friends. Can't stop talking about your home and all of the comforts and amenities you have graciously shared with us. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
Admin Reply by: Darby Harris
We loved having you and welcoming you to our home! You were such wonderful guests. Please come back and visit Winding Bay anytime!
Eric Bizon from Oregon wrote on January 24, 2018 at 8:11 pm
Couple Engaged at Lighthouse Beach, 2017

Just wanted to let you know that we made it here safely and everything has been absolutely amazing. Columbus met us at the airport and made sure that we got to the house with everything set up. Your house has been incredible, just as I remembered it. Jessica and I have been enjoying having Winding Bay practically all to ourselves. We spent all of today at Lighthouse Beach and plan to explore Governor's Harbour tomorrow. We ran into Tessa today at kinky's, while having a long conversation with Henry Allen. She was very friendly and did a great job at the house today, we are looking forward to having her make us dinner on Thursday night before we have to head back to the States.

Anyways I just wanted to touch base with you and thank you again for your hospitality and invitation to have us as your guest this week. We have loved our time here already, and appreciate your thoughtfulness and generosity.

All our best,
Eric & Jessica
Mark Michal wrote on September 23, 2016 at 1:27 pm
4 Couples now in love with Eleuthera and POV!

Marty and his team have done a great job with this property. Everything from the landscaping which strategically blocks the sun but not the view, the 2 porches so you can always have a cool shady place to rest, to the 3 outside showers, and enough stuff to make everyone happy at the gorgeous beach. Winding Bay is perfect! Beautiful soft sand, clear and calm water, and lots to explore. We met most of his team and have nothing but good things to say. They took great care to exceed all our wants. This is very close to Paradise.
Paddy & Richard, Rob & Sky from Toronto, Canada wrote on July 6, 2016 at 1:05 am
Two weeks of glorious weather, azure water, bright white clouds hovering above the horizon and green palms shimmering in the breeze. The ultimate in relaxation and rejuvenation. This trip marks our (Paddy & Richard’s) 9th stay in this precious piece of paradise. We teamed up with our best friends Sky and Rob for a variety of island adventures, including a half-day deep-sea fishing trip with Captain Irwin Gibson out of Davis Harbor, and a day trip to Harbor Island. The weather for our deep-sea fishing was calm and sunny and the 4-hour boat ride was very pleasant, but we were disappointed that we didn’t manage to hook any Mahi Mahi. We did catch 3 barracuda; the captain asked for one and we gave the other two to Columbus. On the Harbor Island jaunt we rented a 6-person golf cart and enjoyed a few hours exploring the streets and then had a delightful ocean view lunch at the marina near the Haunted House. On the way back we stopped at the Queen’s Bath where we enjoyed the natural pools above the surging Atlantic. But most of all, we enjoyed near daily swimming and spearfishing. On our most productive day we caught one Spanish lobster and two spiny lobsters providing several meals worth of seafood for the ravenous crew. Rob was by far the most prolific provider, outgunning Richard by at least 4:1 over the course of our two weeks. Clearly, Richard needs to up his game!

This has been an amazing two weeks. The days just flew by. Everything has been perfect. This has been our (Rob’s and mine) 5th visit to Eleuthera and POV. Love it. Love it. Love it. One of this year’s best discoveries was the Queen’s Baths just south of the Glass Window Bridge. We bought the Eleuthera Beach Map. 135 beaches! There’s still so much to discover and explore. Can’t wait to come back! Sky & Rob.
Pam and Randy wrote on June 22, 2016 at 2:27 pm
Thank you so much - this was our second stay at Point O' Vue for three couples that like to travel together. After a day we all said that it felt like home.
The house is very comfortable. The kitchen is outfitted with everything we needed.
Tessa was great and it's always fun to talk to Columbus.
For your future guests that like to fly fish - fishing is a short walk from the house.
It was a magical stay and we will be back.
John & Allison from Swarthmore, PA wrote on April 26, 2016 at 12:18 pm
Dear Erbaugh Family,

We share with you a deep love for Eleuthera, and have stayed in just about every house on Winding Bay. There is something different about the pink house in the palm trees that keeps us coming back. The rooms are light-filled, spacious, and the living room always seems to have a perfect cross breeze. We use each outdoor terrace at different times of day; my favorite is climbing up to the sun deck at night to check out the stars.

Ordinarily at home we need to keep the kids occupied every minute of the day. But with the beach right there, Allison and I could finally catch up while the kids played for hours in the soft sand and gentle waves. That's the great thing about Winding Bay. It's generally protected. And occasionally, when the wind is out of the north, you can take the car around to the other side of the bay and avoid the wind almost entirely.

There are many reasons why we keep coming back, but mostly it's because the island gives us the time and space to relax with no agenda. It's not at all touristy, and there's no script, but just the opportunity to make the vacation our own.

Thank you guys for this opportunity. And thank you to Columbus and Tessa for taking care of us. We will definitely be back soon!

Filiep D. wrote on June 9, 2014 at 4:40 pm
Dear Marty,

My apologies for not writing earlier. We moved straight back into work chaos and moving apartments. We totally loved it and are sincerely hoping we’ll manage to come back. The house, the bay, the island…all surpassed our expectations. Tessa was fantastic and the kids got along great.

Warm greetings,
Filiep D.
Mike S. wrote on June 15, 2013 at 12:40 pm
Dear Marty and Lynnie;

This was our first stay at Point O’Vue, hopefully not the last. This was part trip – studying the recent geologic history of Eleuthera – and part vacation; relaxing, snorkeling, exploring. We are an interesting mix: a family of 4; Mike, Mona + Allie (13), Matt (15), a family friend of 15 years (Colvin, who happens to be as old as our friendship – a young man of 15 years),+ new graduate student, Tara, interested in climate change and its effects on coastal environments.

Point O’ Vue was our home, our basic camp, a study site,(we investigated the subsurface geology of Winding Bay’s dune ridges) and our idyllic setting for almost two weeks.

We thank you for being our hosts and making your home “home away from home” ours for a short while. Tessa, Colombus and Papa feel like part of our extended family.
Many thanks. If you ever pass through Southwest Florida, we would love to meet you.

Best regards,
Mike S.
Richard S. Jeffrey S., Paddy D., Rob and Sky B. wrote on March 9, 2013 at 4:39 pm
Thanks again for a week of sun, sand, relaxation, water and peace. Point O’ Vue is a haven and we are grateful for the opportunities to explore Eleuthera in such luxury.

The point of a vacation is to get away from the cares of daily life and Point O’ Vue provides that very welcome escape. We enjoyed snorkeling in Half Sound, dining on lobster and conch and exploring the beaches and waters of Winding Bay.

Now tanned and toastier, relaxed and rested, we brace ourselves for a colder and more crowded city of Toronto. But we carry with us fine memories of our favorite friendly locale and are comforted that we can look forward to a return visit in 2015.

Thanks for creating this slice of paradise.
Tracy W., Joe R., David O., Liz A. and John C. wrote on January 7, 2013 at 4:36 pm
Hi Lynnie and Marty;

We are here again- how lucky! – with different friends this time. We have been bone fishing, kayaking, walking the beaches and bird watching. The black witch moths have entertained us in the evenings, bopping around hoping to get a sip of our wine. We’ve been to Cape Eleuthera with your neighbor Joan and to Savannah Sound with her also, have enjoyed Mojitos with mint from Island Farm and spent hours marveling at the warmth and colors of the Bahamian January.

Also scheming on how we can stay longer next time, always scheming.

Thank you for maintaining such an Oasis.

We treasure our time here.

Birds we saw: Pied-billed Grebe (Tarpum Bay) Great Blue Herons, Little Blue Herons, Ospreys, Merlins, Semi-palmated Plovers, Wilson’s Plovers, Black Bellied Plovers, Ruddy Turnstones, Royal Terns, White-crowned Pidgeon, Morning Doves, Common Ground Doves, Smooth Billed Anis, Bahamas Wood Stars, Belted Kingfishers, Bahama Swallow, Northern Mocking Birds, Yellow-throated Vireo (back patio for hours), Yellow-throated Warbler, Palm Warblers, Bananaquit, Black-faced Grassquits.
Gerry and Suzan wrote on June 23, 2012 at 4:34 pm
We have arrived back safely and have had time to unpack. This could be 5 pages long, but I will shorten it in order to say thank you for everything. The place is stunningly beautiful, and the people were fantastic. Did I see pics of red-heads? Our red-headed children had the times of their lives. From Columbus meeting us, to Tessa and Elaine helping us with food, to your gardener who helped us with coconut water, everyone made our experience comfortable, and our 25th anniversary one that we will never forget. Even the band at Tippy’s was kind enough to give us a shout out.

We feel like we have left a group of new friends on Eleuthera. I’m sure you have a thousand photos of your place, but I can’t help sending my favorite landscape of the week. So add the attached sunrise to your collection. (We did not brave the road to Lighthouse, but Ten Bay was one of a kind.)
Geoff and Julie B. wrote on April 28, 2012 at 8:34 pm
Thanks again for donating your beautiful island home to the Rock Hall of Fame(so we could bid and win it!). Julie and I had a terrific time. We explored so much of the island and took in as much of the local flavor as we could. We’re only back a week now and we’re already trying to figure out another time to visit but this time with our kids too! The island is so beautiful, peaceful and friendly.

We own a couple of cabins/camp on 40 acres in the woods on a trout stream in N. MI. so we are well aware of the joy and challenges of having “your own place” to vacation. It makes it so much easier having quality people you can count on to watch over it while you’re away and it’s not occupied. Columbus and Tessa were great (as were Elaine, Cindy and Richard).

Hoping to enjoy Eleuthera and Point o’ Vue again in the future,
Steve D. wrote on April 8, 2012 at 8:05 pm
We returned on Saturday from yet another wonderful and relaxing visit to Eleuthera. This was our 4th time down and we just feel at home on the island and at POV. Tessa was wonderful and keeps the house ship shape and tidy. Columbus was his usual jovial self and stopped by a couple of times for a nice chat. Had a nice day on the water out at Schooner Cays and a few lazy afternoons on the beach in front of the house. As usual, the Bahamian fish mocked me all week long but I still managed to catch a few in Half Sound and in Winding Bay. All in all, a great vacation and my kids have been constantly asking when we’ll be going back. Hopefully next year……
Margie, Rod, Kyla , RJ and David wrote on January 5, 2011 at 11:33 am
Hi there, Happy New Year, just wanted to check in and say we had an amazing week at your pink island escape! Really loved the entire property and all of our adventures. Thanks for all the tips on food, places, and all. Everyone we met was terrific, went to Beach House at Gov Harbour and played on beach there and the real joy was Lighthouse Beach day. Met Kingsley from On the Rocks to see sunset, who told us about the old Venta Club; my daughter, boyfriend and I wandered down there and took some pics. Then we met Gabriel, the Italian guardian and he gave us a tour of the property. We were all barefoot! Ate at Sammys one night, loved the bay and beyond, hope to return some day. We left a souvenir DVD of Toy Story 3 by accident. so more for your collection.

Here is my poem I left in your guest book:

I was dreaming of a great
pink house
necklaced in Caribbean pine,
baby palms, hibiscus jewels,

As I wander along her turquoise
bay, toes sink into powdered
sugar sands

Sun drenched tradewinds
of coconut and tidal salts
tease the edge of my senses

Drifting deeper
hypnotic sea songs lazily rock me
out to coral lemon horizons
dozing into heavenly bodies
winking across a New Years sky
The Kozik family wrote on October 25, 2010 at 6:32 pm
Second time was just as charming!

This was our second time at Point o’Vue in as many years and this time the only difference was the addition of another guest to make 3 of us. There are so many good things it is difficult to list them all. This time we took notes from the book “The Elusive Beaches of Eleuthera” and visited many of the beaches other than the one in front of the house. A morning drive down to Lighthouse Beach was pretty cool. It takes plenty of work to get there, but it is worth it. We went to so many other beaches that I forget the names, but Lighthouse was by far the best. This time we bought more fish at the dock and got lucky to get 2 15-pound lobster tails that were $1 a pound! Unbelievable. We also ate locally and never had a bad meal. Do Governor’s Harbour and Ocean Hole. We only ran into a couple of people who were tourists, this is a quiet island with tons of charm. Columbus, the house manager, is a great value to the property and the island with several tips and stories about Eleuthera. He knows everything and everyone and it’s a total value for the stay.
Jill wrote on May 29, 2010 at 2:30 pm
We had a wonderful time at Point ‘O Vue in May. The house is very well thought out, well maintained and clean. Its clearly a well loved home, has a very comfortable feel. You can open the patio doors on both sides and have the breeze go right through the house. We never needed to turn on the air. We took our three year old daughter, and this was the perfect beach location. There was a breeze to keep us cool, but the water was still and shallow. We saw starfish and rays just wading into the water. Found some great shells on the next bay over. Never turned the TV on once. The garden is beautiful and gives a great transition from the house to the beach. There are three porches. We had breakfast and lunch overlooking the ocean, dinner on the front porch in the gardens, and watched the stars come out from the upstairs deck. The master suite is on the ground floor, but we chose the stay in the upstairs bedroom so we were on the same floor as our daughter. We arrived on a Saturday afternoon, and had Cola the housekeeper prepare dinner for us. She was able to get some groceries to see us through the weekend. She was a great asset. We found our way around quickly, and the closest store ‘Burts for the Best’ had most of what we needed. We froze some meat and had no problems traveling from NY city with it in checked luggage. We rented a car from Colombus and most mornings we explored some nearby beaches – Ten Bay, South Palmetto. We found a guide book at the house and used it to explore some out of the way beaches. Highly recommended, the whole experience was easy. Great communication with the owners and a good system in place to make it easy for guests.
Nate P. wrote on May 17, 2010 at 4:30 pm
My friends and I were thrilled to spend the weekend at Point O Vue. We realized that a weekend was too short a time to enjoy all that the house had to offer. We enjoyed swims on the beach, stargazing on the enormous decks, cooking meals as a group, and reading, puzzling, and lounging in the relaxing house. We will definitely be back!
Michael W. wrote on March 9, 2010 at 4:27 pm
We just returned from a week at beautiful Winding Bay. This was our second visit to POV and it didn’t disappoint. The home suits our family perfectly, with lots of sunny and shady lounging areas to read and relax, whether at the beach or up at the house. Cola and Columbus were very responsive to our needs. Cola happily beaded our girls’ hair, and Columbus responded quickly to any technical questions we had about the home. Because of POV’s central location, we did a number of day-trips to other beaches in the area. Lighthouse Beach is our favorite, however we discovered a great stretch of beach at Jack’s Bay with some great snorkelling (several sea turtles and lobster around the coral heads). On the recommendation of Marty and Lynn in the POV write-up, we visited Rosie at Nort-side restaurant, only 15 minutes from the house near Rock Sound. Very rustic, but the cracked conch was great and we had the beautiful view all to ourselves. The northside beach is gorgeous and with few other visitors. We also travelled to Tippy’s, outside of Governor’s Harbor. Great food and atmosphere. We’ll be booking again for next year, and plan on renting a small boat from Columbus to explore the reefs within Winding Bay. Great trip, again. Thanks Marty and Lynn.
Wendy, Frank and family from Jackson, NJ wrote on July 13, 2009 at 10:27 am
Thank you for an enjoyable vacation, Marty and Lynnie. This house was perfect for our family – the boys had so much fun making friends with native children. Columbus was excellent and extremely helpful. Our most enjoyable days were spend lounging around the property and visiting Harbour Island – what a spectacular beach with the clearest waters ever! We hope to return again one day.
Susan, Garth, Logan, Terra and Bech N. from Alberta, Canada wrote on May 5, 2009 at 7:26 pm
Wow! What a paradise. We enjoy all the adventures of the island. We saw it all, our favorite was Ten bay beach and Tippy’s has amazing food and the views were breathtaking. We saw a turtle this morning, a sting ray and a shark! The kayaks are a bonus. Love Columbus, Tessa and the young man who cleaned the beach and yard. Your home is lovely! The weather was terrific! May our travels bring us back to the Bahamas!
The Doren family from Florida wrote on April 25, 2009 at 5:25 pm
It’s always a sad day when one has to leave Eleuthera and head back to the daily grind of work, school, etc. This was our second trip to POV and we enjoyed it just as much as the first one. We can’t wait for our next trip back here as it’s so nice to spend time as a family. Things of interest this time around: 1) Lighthouse Beach – worth the drive – amazing water and great place for a picnic 2) – Club Med Beach – our favorite place to swim and chill out 3) Nortside Restaurant – Great food and even better scenery, kids loved Teddy the dog 4) Tarpum Bay at sunset – jumping off the pier 5) Conch salad from the “salad master” in Tarpm bay – best I’ve ever had!

Thank you Marty and Lynnie – your house is wonderful and gives a chance to recharge and get off the grid!
Paddy, Richard, Pete, Jeff, Sky & Rob from Toronto, ON, Canada wrote on March 27, 2009 at 10:25 am
Thank you once again for sharing POV with us! This was our 4th time here and we had a wonderful stay as usual. We snorkeled and spear fished everyday with fish, lobster and conch for our dinners! This time we found no rock lobster, but did find 2 spanish lobster Ugly beasts, but they tasted good! We snorkeled in the inlet to Half Sound for the first time; it’s a wonderful spot in the incoming tide – as long as everyone is a good swimmer, as the current is strong. ….We saw lots of different fish and Jeff saw squid and turtles. We also enjoyed the beach and reading and certainly appreciate the DSL (looking up fish, conch salad recipes, etc!). and the kids enjoyed the new TV.
Carmen and Jon S., Tristan, Fletche and Sydney wrote on February 10, 2008 at 9:22 pm
Our 2nd year at your beautiful home. Absolutely fantastic! Full moon over the bay, sunny warm days, and many trips to Lighthouse Beach! We thank you for the opportunity to share this special paradise with us!
Peter and Mary L. wrote on May 21, 2006 at 10:03 pm
We came, we saw and we were conquered! We stayed in the house and witnessed my daughter’s marriage on the beach. It was a perfect setting. We shall spread the word!
Jody, Emma and Scout V. from Cody, Wyoming wrote on May 13, 2006 at 4:01 pm
Your house and spot on Eleuthera is the most lovely we have stayed. Immediately upon arriving I had the sensation that you welcomed us and truly were committed to bringing visitors the best experience possible. There’s just something about Point O’ Vue that brings on a sensation of ease, tranquility and inner calm.

We did our usual exploring and day trips including Harbour Island but were always happiest at Point O’ Vue. We refueled and re-centered and return to the States a bonded and joyful family, as it should be.

Bless you and your family!
Stephanie S. wrote on May 9, 2005 at 9:43 am
We had THE BEST time at Point O’ Vue!!! The house and beach are more than we could have dreamed! The pictures don’t do it justice. We definitely plan to put your proporty and the island of Eleuthera on our “places we MUST return” list. Thank you so much for allowing us the opportunity to have the most relaxing vacation of both of our lives. Mary went above and beyond to make us feel comfortable and to be sure we knew where the best spots on the island were. …..We can’t thank you enough. Everything you provided us was completely perfect. Thank you for showing us paradise.
Mike, Barbara, Jason, Tricia and Jim from Canton, Texas wrote on January 9, 2005 at 4:18 pm
Marty and Lynnie, After 30 years of traveling to beaches in the Caribbean, Atlantic, Pacific and South Pacific, we came to the conclusion that there is no better island than Eleuthera. ….It is always such a joy to be on this island, and after 20 something visits here we really should buy ourselves a house. If we could do half the job [you]l have done at Point O’ Vue we’d be happy. [You] have done a wonderful job and Mary is a joy to be around. See you again soon!

**Our daughter got engaged on your beach!
Irene and Steve Wein, Leah, Julia, Mara and Max wrote on June 25, 2004 at 1:17 pm
Thank you for a wonderful, relaxing introduction to Eleuthera – the house is beautifully designed to the advantage of the cross breezes. The sunrises were spectacular. we enjoyed snorkeling, kayaking and just a week of down time. This was a perfect place for our family to recharge. We enjoyed Lighthouse Beach – it was a bit of an adventure getting there but it was well worth it. Absolutely pristine and beautiful…. Thank you for creating such a wonderful experience. We would love to return.
Sheryl and Luis wrote on August 30, 2003 at 8:12 pm
Thank you so much for allowing us to share your paradise. It was one of the most memorable vacations we’ve enjoyed throughout our 30 years together. We shared family time and my husband was able to relax and truly disconnect. We will be back!
Jill Bryan and family from Dallas, Texas wrote on July 8, 2003 at 4:58 pm
Ten days calling Point O’ Vue home and we’re just nicely feeling the rhythm of island life – and tomorrow we head back to our realities – but with a touch of island still in our souls, I hope. What a beautiful place to relax. Our young girls (4 and 5 years) love playing in the surf and sand and we all enjoyed walking on what turned out to be the best beach on the island.
Not senile yet wrote on July 6, 2003 at 4:16 pm
We’ve found paradise! This is such a great house. The longer we stayed, the more we enjoyed. The 3 porches, especially the covered [porch] facing the ocean (smartest plan on the beach). Mary is a treasure, great food each day. Fresh flowers everyday….beautiful! Your beach and walkway are great. We shelled, and found a big shell and more netting for you and placed them along the way on the side by the garage. The thing we liked the best is our fellas couldn’t figure out what day it was — not senile yet, just totally relaxed!
Mary K. wrote on June 30, 2003 at 4:14 pm
What a fabulous vacation! My dream came true. I wanted to bring my daughters to Eleuthera to experience the raw beauty of the island. We have spent many fond vacations with my parents and brothers over 25 years ago… it’s surprising, very little has changed. Thank goodness, I say. Your home is gorgeous, I loved the beach theme. Winding Bay is breathtaking, as is your landscaping! … We had the time of our lives. My daughters, husband and parents now have new memories. Thank you so much for sharing your paradise with us. We plan to be back.
Catherine Keating wrote on June 3, 2003 at 5:45 pm
Thank you so much for sharing fabulous Point O’ Vue with us! The house and the beach are just beautiful. Everything we might have needed was right here. The house and boardwalk are tastefully decorated and very comfortable. Mary is just wonderful! With her help we traveled all over the island and visited many breathtaking beaches. She is the best cook I know! Thanks again!
Staci C. wrote on February 17, 2003 at 11:56 am
Dear Erbaughs,

Thank you for creating Point O’ Vue. It is truly heaven on earth. We had an amazing time here. Ventured to Lighthouse Beach (Gods’ home), Club Med Beach, Harbour Island, and Glass Window Bridge (amazing!) Mary is a sweetheart and makes Point o’ Vue the place to be. We made some great memories here and we hope to be back soon. I will remember this vacation for the rest of my life. This truly is paradise; there is no other place on earth like it. I can’t wait to bring my family here.

-Stacie C.
Bobby C. wrote on July 23, 2002 at 5:10 pm
Place was perfect. Beach was perfect. Surroundings were perfect. I DON’T WANT TO LEAVE!!!
Harold & Kathy M., Brad & Pam T. from Florida wrote on May 14, 2002 at 1:46 pm
This was the most relaxing vacation we’ve ever had. Your home is simply spectacular and felt like a “home” to us. The porches, view, birds, stars and moon were our favorite parts. Lighthouse beach was a view from a vacation brochure. We snorkeled and saw birds we’ve never seen before. The guys caught 16 mackerels, 3 barracuda, and 4 dolphin on a trip with Oswald. Caught 40 conch in your bay, 1 barracuda, and 1 shark (put him back in the bay tho!) Loved the snorkeling in your bay, and saw a turtle!
Joanne & Stephan G., Dan & Louise S. from New York, New York & Darien, Connecticut wrote on February 9, 2002 at 12:08 pm
Simply spectacular! We have found our paradise, and it breaks our hearts to leave. Point o’ Vue is by far the most graceful, picturesque home on the island. You thought of everything! Mary and Columbus could not have been more helpful. Mary’s conch was a wonderful initiation to Carribbean food. We traveled north and south, enjoying every minute of it but definitely found our peace and joy right here. Thank you for restoring our sense of joy and youth!
Drew, Age 6 wrote on October 29, 2001 at 4:06 pm
I had a great time.
Wayne & Laure A., Dan & Karen W., Bob & Maresa G. from Arizona & South Carolina wrote on April 20, 2000 at 8:32 pm
We’re the envy of the whole island because we got to stay in “the pink house”. We had a huge gathering of 16 people from all over the states and we appreciate your help in making this a wonderful vacation. The weather was beautiful and everyone on the island made us feel at home. Side trips to the rest of the island and even Nassau convinced us that this is the most beautiful bay around. Winding Bay is true paradise. Thank you for the great memories that we will cherish for a lifetime.
Lauren and Kentom from Vail, Colorado wrote on April 26, 1995 at 10:27 am
We’ve taken an whole new Point O’ Vue. We were engaged to be married during our stay. We hope all who visit will find their stay to be equally as romantic.