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Packing for Lighthouse

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When asked by guests for some excursion ideas, the first to come to mind while on Eleuthera is a day trip to Lighthouse Beach, an expansive stretch of untouched beach at the southern tip of the island. Wild and wonderful, this pristine beach is literally a piece of heaven, miles from nowhere complete with shallow reefs for diving not far off the shore, caves that offer exploration, shade, and an old abandoned lighthouse that once helped ships navigate around the island.

Growing up we would pile into various old station wagons, and caravan down to Lighthouse Beach for the day. The trip was about an hour, but for 20 long minutes, we were jostled around going 5mph through an old abandoned, unpaved, overgrown beach road filled with potholes, brush and large rocks that threatened a flat tire. It felt, quite literally, like a miracle when we edged over the last rocky hill to see the heavenly expanse of Lighthouse Beach, the waves and the palm trees with their big fronds swaying in the breeze.

With that said, we’ve learned how to pack well for such a trip. We’ve learned through experience how to make it out there and back (with children) in one piece, and how to make the most of this memorable outing. Lighthouse Beach has provided endless memories for our family; we hope that others can say the same.

See you at the end of that beach road….

What we threw into the back of our station wagon in order of our priorities (yours may differ): snorkel gear (masks, snorkels, fins), 
cooler filled with beers, lunches and snacks, 
, water bottles, sunscreen, hats, etc.
, towels, a small radio/music player, 
beach toys: football, volleyball, pail, shovel, etc., 
running shoes or water/land shoes, 
, matches, lighter fluid, etc. to make a sand pit for grilling hotdogs, 
cups, paper towels, plates, etc. We 
also bring our international cell phone, a beach umbrella for needed shade
 and a portable grill.

Nowadays, we usually also plan for the trip by planning around low tide. The beach is at its best with a low tide around noon.

Enjoy your trip!

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