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Our New Kayaks are Here!

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We now have two beautiful new kayaks - look at these two! Great for fishing and paddling on Winding Bay. Many POV visitors and the owners themselves paddle through Winding Bay's famous cut through to Half Sound. They often spot sea turtles among the mangroves and other small marine life. Have you tried kayaking? Why not

Vacationing with Family: Eleuthera Style

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Vacationing with grandchildren at Point o' Vue

For many of us, the thought of traveling with our kids is daunting. Plane rides, airports, packing and planning activities, sites to see, maps.....the mere idea that we can travel with our kids and enjoy our kids at the same time seems like an ever elusive goal. Not on Eleuthera. I travelled to Eleuthera as

South Eleuthera Property History

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The original Eleuthera Properties Ltd. was formed in the 50's by Juan Trippe (Pan Am), Edgar Kaiser (Kaiser Aluminum) to acquire 8000 acres in south Eleuthera from Arthur Vining Davis (founder of Alcoa) who had started the process of development. The Company owned the land and built and owned the Rock Sound Airport (PanAm had


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Papa is our Haitian gardener. He’s more than just a fine gardener, he’s a great fix-it person and is always smiling and friendly…..even in 90 degree weather. He lives in Tarpum Bay with other Haitians working here. Columbus (our property manager) was able to secure a green card for him so he is legal. He

Vestiges of Irene

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Lynnie and I are here now at Point o’ Vue four months after Hurricane Irene stormed through. Other hurricanes that have caused damage since we built our home were Andrew in 1982 and Floyd in 1997. Andrew created havoc in north Eleuthera and went on to pound southern Florida. The surges from Floyd nearly wiped

Packing for Lighthouse

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When asked by guests for some excursion ideas, the first to come to mind while on Eleuthera is a day trip to Lighthouse Beach, an expansive stretch of untouched beach at the southern tip of the island. Wild and wonderful, this pristine beach is literally a piece of heaven, miles from nowhere complete with shallow

On Hurricanes

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Point o’ Vue is on the same parallel as Key West and 250 miles east. The Bahamas technically is not part of the Carbibean, which is further south. Nevertheless, we do live in an area and region that is at risk from Hurricanes. The Hurricane season is said to be between July and November. In