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Boating on the Bay

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It’s windy on Winding Bay today with whitecaps galore. Boating is really fun on the Bay but my rule is that if there are whitecaps I’ll not go out on the boat, a 13-foot Boston Whaler Sport. Our first boat here was an inflatable raft with an electric motor that I brought down from Ohio in the early 80′s. I left here with Columbus at his home/shop in Tarpum Bay as we were still renting in those days. After we built and moved in in 1992 I had a guy drive down a 14-foot old ski boat that I bought in Ohio. We put in the mooring, which we still use today in front of the house. The memories of skiing and tubing when the girls were younger are still vivid. The neighbors were duly entertained.

Then I was in Florida a came across a Jet Boat that I thought would be perfect on the Bay. Boy was I wrong. The propellers were forever getting gummed up with ocean debris like roping and seaweed. Still we made it work for about five years until buying the current Whaler 2002. Both of the old boats are in Columbus’ yard, rotting in the sun.

Going out on the boat for a cocktail cruise to watch the sun set is gorgeous and our idea of how to wind up the day. We’ll take music with us, totally relax and revisit the day and plan tomorrow.

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