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A New Discovery

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Lynnie and I have been coming to south Eleuthera for nearly two generations. We give our guests thorough write-ups and information. When it comes to beaches, we thought we had them all. Well, wrong again. We were told of a beach called “Paw-Paw” on the Caribbean side west from Palmetto Point. While really in Palmetto Point off the Queens Highway the road was sort of tricky to find. There it was and we could see power lines out. About a half-mile down we came to a house and turned right and on to an entrance to the Beach. There is an old, old house being renovated up the road to the north. Otherwise, desolate.

The beach is rocky in areas but is beautiful. And nearby are three islands, close to the beaches. We are told that you can walk out to one of them at low tide. While not as expansive as Ten Bay there is plenty of beach to walk with interesting curves. Paw-Paw will be private when Ten Bay is not. The islands make it special.

We talked to Wilson Cooper, the contractor doing the renovation on the house and he said that he only just learned about this area and he’s from Palmetto Point. Columbus had never heard of it. It’s a gem made special by the proximity to the islands. Great for sunsets.

Always something new to discover.

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