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A Columbus Discovery

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Leon Mingo and Paul Knowles from Tarpum Bay built our home, Point o’ Vue, finishing it in 1992. Leon figured on being our Property Manager but had a heart attack and died in 1993. I had known Columbus Carey as a car mechanic and knew that he came from a good family. He has been our Property Manager now nearly 18 years. He still has his auto repair business but does a good job for us coordinating work that needs to get done at the house and helping our guests. He is extremely good at helping with local customs and people and has intervened on my behalf on a variety of occasions with local people. I enjoy talking with him about Bahamian politics. He watches our little Suzuki for us and takes care of the boat. He has a wonderful wife, Delphine, whose family operates the Bert’s for the Best grocery in Tarpum Bay. She also does all of our accounting down here and pays the bills. Both Columbus and Delphine are solid citizens and have been an important part of lives here.

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